Yinchuan grace electric group co., LTD. Is a private owned enterprise, the company with high input, high-tech as a starting point, with the approval of the original national machinery, power division specializing in the production of high and low voltage power distribution equipment. Company's existing 98 employees, including senior engineers, more than 15 big, more than 20 technical secondary school graduates. Company has a complete set of production and processing lines, imported CNC bending machine evolution, with the world's advanced level of production equipment, has realized the CAD product design, production process management computerized.

The company's products through the national ISO9001 quality system certification, has passed the national mandatory product certification CCC "Grace" specializing in the production of high school in the development of series of low-voltage switchgear, box-type substation, high and low voltage bus duct series, cable tray series products, etc; Products are widely used in power plants, power supply system, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, energy, petroleum, chemical industry, etc

Companies follow the "hold world with virtue" of the enterprise purpose, advocated "humanist, thrift career" corporate culture, keep in mind the "began in customer demand, and finally customer satisfaction" business philosophy, and always adhere to the "community of interests" and "cooperation win-win" principle, the company relying on "grace" brand, brand, quality, marketing, research and development, such as unification management, production of various series of products in each major branch, fully embodies the "quality comes from professional, professional achievement of excellence" in the face of the challenge of the new era "grace" for their own future and the future full of confidence and strength, in inheriting, scaling new heights, to create high-quality brand "grace"

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